Public Practice

Our firm represents federal, state and local government employees in administrative actions regarding their employment.  The public sector litigation practice led by Mr. Gilbert, who has devoted his career to working on civil rights issues.  For more than half of Mr. Gilbert’s career, he served as an Administrative Judge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission adjudicating claims of discrimination.  
The primary work we perform is representing current or former government employees in all types of claims of discrimination, harassment or disciplinary actions.  Attorneys in our firm have appeared most frequently before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Merit Systems Protection Board, where we represent individuals nation-wide.  Attorneys in our firm have also appeared in the equivalent administrative forums when representing state and local government employees.  In some instances, representation services have included, but not been limited to: requests for reasonable accommodation, disability retirement applications, and negotiating resolutions of employment related litigation.
Our firm also represents a limited number of government entities by advising or providing representation services before the applicable administrative body.